Reliable Premium Link Generators supporting Keep2share in 2024

Choosing the greatest premium link generator gets quite difficult, though, because there are so many of them available online. However, you don’t need to worry because all the information you require to choose the top premium link generator is available right here.

Advantages Of Premium Link Generators

1. Quicker Download Speed 

The download speed is usually slow when using a public download link to download a file. This is due to the fact that all files are hosted on a same server, and the quantity of individuals downloading the same file affects how quickly files download.

Nevertheless, the file is hosted on other servers when you utilize a Premium Link Generator. As a result of there being no competition for the same content, you can download your file significantly faster.

2. No Waiting Periods

You will have to wait for the file to download if you use a public download link. This is as a result of the file being on a single server that is now handling other user’s requests.

However, because the content is not hosted on a single site and your server speed is not hampered by the amount of users downloading files from the same server, using a Premium Link Generator allows you to download the file quickly.

3. Downloads Are Not Paid For

There are no costs involved in using a Premium Link Generator. You are not required to pay any fees or money to utilize the website or tool.

Users of Tezfiles Premium, for instance, pay $12.50 a month for 20GB of content every day. You can get around this expense and download an infinite amount of content for free by using a Premium Link Generator.

4. Files Can Be Downloaded Anywhere

Using a Premium Link Generator enables you to download your files from any location. All you have to do is transmit the files to your mobile device or download them to your computer.

5. Get Free Downloads of Any Number of Files

A Premium Link Generator allows you to download an unlimited number of files. The number of files you can download is unlimited.

6. No Limitations

There are no limits on the number of files you can download, the number of waits between downloads, the maximum file size, or the pace at which your files can download when you utilize a Premium Link Generator. It is a very boundless experience.

10 Premium Link Generators

With Premium Downloader, you can easily download any file you want from any of the world’s top 50 cloud storage hosting platforms — without having to pay for premium memberships or dealing with annoying hourly/daily download limits.

Just copy and paste the link you’re trying to download in the box below, then click on the “Start My Download” button, and follow the simple steps we outline next.

That’s it!



2. Bigspeeds Premium Link Generator


Big speeds link generator also provides wonderful service, when it comes to generating links (URL) for Download. The site promises to deliver the best service when it comes to their online storage and Download system.

Recently we discovered that big speeds now redirect to Deep Brid, and this only tells that, deep Brid company owns the site, or they bought after its domain expiration. The support file Hosters and many others. 

3. 10-Download


Another Premium link generator with an extremely user-friendly style and one of the best UIs is this one. With the exception of a few adverts, the 10 download premium link generator is one that takes users right to the service they are asking for or looking for.

To obtain the direct file download link, customers need only visit the official website, copy the URL they wish to download, and click on it. With a file limit of 810MB and 2048MB, respectively, the two main hosts for direct file downloads that the 10-download site allows are and 1fichier.

4. Uploaded Premium Link Generator


Another best and working in our list here is Uploaded Premium Link Leech Download. This happens to be a free premium link Generator that has features like statistics, server usage, used traffic, server host and server limit. The function of the server limit is to show users when the premium file host isn’t working and with this information, one can easily switch to another premium file host. So, there is more to explore in this type of free premium file Generator.

Users are eligible to use more than 6GB server limit and most of the best premium file Hosters you can download from the Uploadedpremiumlink site are as follows: Uptobox, MEGA,, Fichier, file factory, etc. One of the best features I like about this site, is that the provides detailed information about the file you are about to download.

Also, to everything that has advantages, there is always a disadvantage. The major thing I dislike about this premium leech site is much of its advertisement (ads) and link shorteners that one must go through before getting to the main file to start downloading freely.

5. Hyperdebrid Premium Link Generator

Here is another Free Link Generator that Works so well for the purpose it was created. HyperDebrid link Generator can be accessed and used for free by all users. The site platform doesn’t require users to be registered before they can be able to use their premium generator services.

Hyperdebrid supports about 34 hosting websites which you can download from without encountering issues or errors of any kind. The site has lots of features for free users.

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